Apex Arborists has been helping trees here in Austin with expert tree care for 24 years and is ready to help you with your trees, no matter what the need may be.  Our services in Austin are tree pruning, tree removal, tree cabling, hazard tree evaluation and tree and shrub planting.  Shane Parten, the owner, is a certified arborist and can give you expert help with your trees concerning pruning, removal, cabling, hazard evaluation and tree and shrub planting.  Your trees are a large part of your largest investment, your home.  Let us help you take care of them.

Shane Parten worked in a tropical nursery in southern Florida in the early seventies and did tropical landscaping, then moved to Tampa, Florida where he ran his own landscape maintenance company. He then moved to Arizona and did contract TSI (Timber Stand Improvement) for the US Forest Service in the Arizona national forests on the Mogollon Plateau. He moved back to Austin, Texas in 1982, started Shane's Tree Service in 1983 and changed the name to Apex Arborists in 2007.

Through arborist apprenticeship, seminars and study he became competent as an urban arborist. His business philosophy incorporates sound, up to date arboricultural and landscape methods, methods to create a safe working environment and is eager to help his clients fulfill their desires for their landscapes.

Apex Arborists  Mobile: (512) 293-3487  Parten37@gmail.com
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